Immunosis Pty Ltd (ABN 35 609 513 162) is a privately held company which has attracted investment from BioScience Managers, a Victorian based international healthcare venture capital firm that finances and enables innovative science and technnology with the potential to transform healthcare. Immunosis, together with our scientific and clinical collaborators, have also received funding from the Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund – Round 4 .

We are seeking investors who are passionate about improving the lives of patients with rare genetic diseases.

The company aims to first register the Prim-Dx diagnostic test in the USA, the largest and most mature market for patients with PID. Immunosis also plans to seek regulatory approval in Australia, Europe and selected Asian countries.

The successful registration and approval of a diagnostic test for patients with PID has significant health benefits and commercial potential. Once a diagnosis is made, there are substantial benefits for patients. According to the Jefferey Modell Foundation, a patient advocacy group, the annual number of days in hospital reduced from 19.8 to 3.1, the number of Physician and emergency room visits reduced from 70.8 to 11.7 days, the number of days on antibiotics reduced from 166.2 to 72.8 and the number of school/work days missed reduced from 33.9 to 8.9. In addition, for every patient diagnosed, there was an annual savings to the US healthcare system of $78,202.

According to the Jeffery Modell Foundation, the disease impacts as many as 1 in 500 people who suffer from severe and repeated infections.

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