Our goal is to improve the lives of patients with immune deficiencies

For patients, it's about gaining access to life saving medicines sooner

Immunosis is a startup company developing a diagnostic platform technology that can be used to diagnose patients with immune dysfunctions. Patients typically suffer from frequent infections caused by defects in their immune system either caused by inherent genetic defects (Primary Immune Deficiency, PID) or external factors that cause a weakened immune system (Secondary Immune Deficiency, SID).

The test will help clinicians diagnose patients sooner than current practice and give them access to the most appropriate medical treatment.

Immunosis has developed a proprietary software algorithm that integrates gene expression signatures and mutation information from a whole blood sample to assist clinicians diagnose patients with Primary and Secondary Immune Deficiency.

The first product being developed is Prim-Dx, a diagnostic test for patients with PID.

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